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Our Simple Straight-Forward Pricing.

Rocket offers three distinct plans, each designed to cater to your unique needs and ambitions. Whether you're exploring new concepts, scaling your project, or aiming for the stars, we have a plan that suits you:



To familiarize yourself with Rocket.

1 Database

5 Tables allowed per database

25 Columns allowed per table

1000 Rows allowed per table

30 Requests allowed per minute per database

100 Users per database for RocketAuth

All Features

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Best for professionals

5 Databases

25 Tables allowed per database

50 Columns allowed per table

2500 Rows allowed per table

60 Requests allowed per minute per database

500 Users per database for RocketAuth

All Features

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Best for professionals who need more

25 Databases

50 Tables allowed per database

100 Columns allowed per table

5000 Rows allowed per table

120 Requests allowed per minute per database

1000 Users per database for RocketAuth

All Features

🚀 Need a custom plan beyond our tiers? Reach out to us at We will work together and figure out a plan 🚀

Rocket is currently under development so all paid plans are available for free. Send an email to to get any paid plans for free.

Everything you need to know

Frequently asked questions
Why I'm not able to upgrade my bronze subscription to silver or gold?

Currently paid subscriptions are not available. If you need any paid tier plans, please send an email to

Do I need to provide a credit card to open an account?

To create an account, there is no need to provide any payment information. Payment information is only needed when upgrade to silver or gold subscription.

Are there tutorials or resources available for learning how to use Rocket effectively?

Yes, Rocket provides tutorials, guides, and comprehensive resources to assist users in leveraging its features efficiently. Check the documentation for Rocket available at

Is coding experience necessary to use Rocket?

No, Rocket is designed for users without extensive coding skills, enabling easy API creation through intuitive tools however some coding experience can be helpful.

Is Rocket suitable for only building prototypes? Can Rocket be used for production-ready applications?

Rocket is ideal for prototyping, POCs, and MVPs, but it can also be used for production-ready applications.

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